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The Institute held a Matriculation ceremony for its 2021/2022 Special Admissions Cohort on Friday, 26th August, 2022 at the Institute's campus at Ogbojo, Accra.
By administration of the Matriculation Oath, a total number of forty seven (47) students were admitted as junior members in stautu pupilari of the Institute of Local Government Studies by the Director,
Prof. Nicholas Awortwi.
Prof. Awortwi in a speech urged the students to be critical thinkers and suggest ideas from the knowledge they acquire during their studies. He indicated that four additional Master's programmes have been added to the existing programmes, hence the Institute offers eight Masters Degree programmes. The programmes are as follows: 
1. MSc. Environmental Science, Policy and  Management 
2. MSC. Local Economic Development 
3. MSc. Public UBLIC Financial Management 
4. M.A. Local Government Administration and Organisation 
5. MSc. Sanitation and Water Governance
6. MSc. Procurement and  Contract Management
7. MSc. Development Management 
8. MSc. Urban Governance and Management 
He added that the Institute is charting a new course through the introduction of an undergraduate programme in governance and development,  the idea is to ensure that all Assembly Members who had not obtained a bachelor's degree are enrolled to birth a  new generation of Assembly Members to drive local development.




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