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3rd Local Government Practitioners' Forum

30 November, 2021
This third Forum on the theme “Operationalising Local Economic Development Using the One Area One Product Concept” has been scheduled for 9th December, 2021 at the Accra Campus of the ILGS. The forum will bring together local government practitioners, private and social entrepreneurs, investors, financial institutions, development partners, etc. to discuss business products and investment opportunities in selected Municipal and District Assemblies in Ghana with the hope of forging municipal-private partnerships for local economic development.

Short Courses and Scheme Based Programmes

27 March, 2020
The Local Government Service (LGS) was established in 2003 with the enactment of Act 656. This is in response to the constitutional provision in Article 240, 2(d) that as far as practicable, persons in the service of local government shall be subject to the effective control of local authorities. The same article mentions measures for (i) capacity-building (ii) a sound financial base and (iii) participation for effective job performance of local authorities in justifying the transfer of functions, powers, responsibilities and resources from the centre to local government units.

Serene Environment for Graduate Studies

23 March, 2020
Study at our serene environment.

Local Governance and Decentralisation

23 March, 2020
The impact of decentralization on local governance in Ghana since the implementation of reforms in 1988 started by Provisional National Defense Council (PNDC) for substantial realignment of functions between central government sector ministries and decentralized bodies was highlighted. A democratic government was imposed to overcome the inadequate impact of decentralization on local governance in its Comprehensive Decentralization Policy Framework, a three-phased implementation structure. The constitution of Ghana included the objectives of decentralization under the National Decentralization Action Plan (NDAP) quoting the promotion of popular participation, by enhancing the efficiency of the entire government's machinery. District Authorities (DA) play a vital…

2021/22 Graduate Programmes Admissions: Apply Now!

23 March, 2020
Admissions are now open into our graduate programmes including MSc. Environmental Science, Policy and Management, MSc. Local Economic Development, MSc. Public Financial Management and M.A Local Economic Development. Click and apply Online

2021/22 Graduate Programmes. Apply online Now.

23 March, 2020
The Institute runs three major programmes for its prospective students. For professionals who desire to advance their knowledge in their chosen field, there are professional development courses they could go for. And for those who desire to have their first or second degree in local government related courses, or pursue both degrees, there are courses available for them as well. Also, those who wish to have a diploma certificate in public development will find a diploma programme available for them. The Institute runs three major programmes for its prospective students. For professionals who desire to advance their knowledge in their…
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